Friday, September 09, 2011

Another long shift !

Hello again, tonight I'm on for another long 12 hour shift, but that means I have the day to myself and so far I have been catching up in here.
I made another layout last night after doing a card reading for a friend with that new kit I have been working on so I thought I do a quick post to show it. And mother here needed a new Profile picture,lol.
I like how this turned out- plainly got mischief written all over it !
And I'm really loving working with this new kit ! I do like a kind of scrapbook diary of different stages in my life , this is one of the pages for it.
Well, the housework is done , so I will get ready to catch a little fresh air now and then just chill out before work.
Hugs Snowy

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smiekeltje said...

As long as there is showing a bit of mischief on your face, it means your still full alive LOL!!!!
Your new kit looks really to be great! Nice colours!
Just watched the show Holland got's talent, and there is one awesome act in it, really on a super level. They call themselves "Opera Familia", a father, mother and daughter, singing more or less classical repertoire, but how!!!! SUPER! When they sing, you just get tears in your eyes, of the mere beauty of it!
I am glad we took it on video, so I can watch it again!
It's amazing what hidden talent there still is and over and over again.!
Have a great weekend.