Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Wedding layouts with my Quickpages

Hello, loooove just being able to slide the photos behind the pre-made quickpages of the Wedding kit, so quick to do while not having much time ! Yeah, I'm teasing as well.....before I actually put the kit into the store,lol.
hmmm...Nat is still feeling the effects of her hangover,lol. Sarah was still knackered when I saw her last night and my own voice still sounds rather husky. We have been drinking water and replacing the fluids the past days like crazy, my mouth felt all dry the whole time. Well known fact that alchol dehydrates you. Well, at least I wasn't the one drinking from the bottle....so lowers the tone , don't you think?
In case you wonder about the dress...yes,I did buy a floor length cream dress, but loking at the wet weather and the grassy soft grounds of Somerleighton Hall I decided not to ruin it and chose a little shorter black dress instead.
Here you see Sarah, Roy and Nat - my drinking and mischief buddies,lol

And  we had a piper and drummer there, I wanted to know if they are true Jocks , but they refused to show.....go figures,lol
These pics outside were taken in the few lucky moments between all the rain showers ..... more coming ,lol.
Hugs Snowy

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Edna B said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all. What a gorgeous wedding!! The colors, the layout, the grounds, simply beautiful. The feathers become you!! Have a great day, hugs, Edna B.