Friday, August 05, 2011

Just had to reply,lol

Hi again, - after receiving Kyra's comment I just had to reply and post again. When was I ever a good girl? Well.... until about 3 years ago I was , until I was corrupted .lol.

Anyway , just thought I let you know what I've been up to this time. We had a power failure for two hours last night after thunderstorms in the area. But luckily a laptop has battery power.So I was sitting there by candle light playing - not much else I could do with limited light.
So that's what I cooked up this time. Rrooaaarr..... this Pussy-cat is just too cute.
And the quickpage I made from the pieces so far is looking fab as well.
And with that I'm off again. This kit will be growing , but slowly !
Starting Saturday it's more overtime, 60 hours for the weekend and coming week.And Thursday and Friday will be the annual Lowestoft Air Show again. I will be working a 12 hour night shift on the Friday, it still remains to be seem if I can have Thursday off as planned. I hope so , because on Thursday night is supposed to be the first Pre-season Pats game ! The football season is starting. And I'm waiting for the Postman to bring me my parcel -I'll be in Pats style,lol.I have ordered a Patriots Jersey. It was a toss up between the number 12 Tom Brady and  Wes Welker.I went for a Wes Shirt in the end. Everybody seems to have the 12.You know me , lol- I like to be different and Wes is one of the guys in the team I like.
Bed time for this Witch so I catch you next time. Hugs :)

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smiekeltje said...

Nice to see you are designing again, may it be slowly, but you do. Oh, the new kit looks to become great!
Oh poor girl, so much work coming to you, but these shifts have one good thing, they bring extra money LOL
Hey, you hang on to your day off, some free time has to be there too!
Have fun with the first football game. Here is starting too the soccer season and I am glad, cause I like soccer.
My back is acting up a little bit again, this night I woke up and made a wrong move, ouch!! Must be more carefull.
Okay, behave youself as much as possible, ROFL and have a great weekend, despite of the overtime!