Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New tatoo and keeping busy

Hi all, came of nights this morning and already had some beauty sleep. I have ben busy. For a start I finished the Wedding kit-but can't show it yet .... then I vreated some more quickpages for Minky and also completed the September Pink Challlenge already.
Yesterday Shaun and me went to Ron and both got a new Tattoo. Mine is very obvious for what it stands for-it's a raven feather which goes into a flock of birds.
These are some of the qps I created for Minky , I make a bunch more and then sshe can sell them for her Star children project.
The Pink Challenge qp -I have to add that not all of the pieces are mine, although I add some of my own from time to time, but I had to put my label on so they cannot be used straight from the blog.
I have more , but will lave them for another time , for now it's catching up with some chores in here, making a Wedding card and whaever else needs doing -Hugs Snowy

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smiekeltje said...

Wheeee, another tatoo! It's a ice one, but will you leave a bit of free skin on that arm? LOL!
Great quickpages, specially the second one.
You'll see I;ve made some too for Minky, I always enjoy making things for her blog.
Have a wonderful day, sweetie