Monday, August 15, 2011

ughhhh.....the work doesn't stop!

Hey all,
I'm busy having a War ! A flea war !
We have a year with lots of fleas here, seems the weather has been perfect for the little b****d to breed. So now the communal stairwell is full of them and without noticing they must have been carried or jumped into the flats. So yesterday I was busy bathing and treating our 3 cats, fumigating and cleaning the corners and floors , washing all kind of soft furnishings, cushions and pet bedding. It seems to pay off, the cats are a lot more comfortable today. But until the stairwell is done ( we have reported it to the housing association) we still have to keep up and watch out for them. That wasn't how I imagined my Sunday to be ! For a start I was still tired cause I was out dancing till the early morning hours and had not fully recovered from the 12 hour night shift before. But , as I always say-no rest for the wicked ! Will I ever get this kit ready,lol? It seems every time I plan on working on it something comes in between. But hey, I'm not someone to give up -I'll get around to it eventually. But for now I'm off - still upstairs to hoover and make sure those horrid little critters won't survive and lay more eggs. The steam cleaner has also seen some action to kill them off.Hopefully next post I actually have something to show. I want to start creating some printable spell cards ......
Hugs Snowy


smiekeltje said...

Oh I know ALL about a plague of flees!!! Some years ago we had that too, it was horrible!
It helped when we removed the floorcarpet and had a wooden floor.
And every now and then we give the cats some drops against the flees. Well, they always carry some with them, but they aren't eaten by them!
It's a hard job to get rid of those bastardflees when you have them in the house! Poor thing, not a nice way to spend your free time.! Hope you get rid of them quickly!

Edna B said...

Sorry to hear about your pesky fleas. They certainly are not fun to get rid of. We've been lucky so far plus I give Tootsie flea medicine every month. Good luck. Have a nice nap now, hugs, Edna B.