Sunday, August 21, 2011

Less than a week until the big Wedding

Oh boy, I still need to look for a pair of shoes to go with my dress ! I have to work in the morning but having a pick up directly from work. Will take my clothes with me and get changed and ready at work ,lol. Thought I share the website if you want a look - Christine and myself have known each other for 9 years now. We started in our current jobs and went on the the training course together in 2002. This website shows the beautiful location of the wedding -Somerleyton Hall. Shaun will be up in the evening for the hog roast and party.
Our cats are much better, we still have the occasional flea , but nowhere near as bad as it was ! But it takes time to heal for the flea bites.My legs are still itchy and for some reason they target me and not Shaun ...I must have the sweeter blood, or I'm more hot blooded ,lol .
I'm still working overtime , tonight it's a 12 hour night shift. But I have also treated myself the past couple of days. I bought myself a new jacket for when it gets cooler now, and a pair of new boots. Plus another order from Amazon will be on it's way here , and I have finally decided to give giving up smoking another go. Christine has been using an electronic cigarette for 6 months now with great success ! So I thought I will give this little device a try a well, and ordered the starter pack. I will let you know how it goes and maybe post a pic when it arrives. It will save me a lot of money , the nicotine cartridges can just be refilled  and it comes with a battery charger. all in all it costs me the price of 8 packs of cigarettes and considering I smoke a pack every day that is fantastic.The aim is to cut down first.So while I am inside I "smoke " the electronic device, and when I am outside I will still treat myself to a proper cigarette. Considering I spend a lot of time inside at work and home doing housework this should cut down costs by more than half to start off with already. Then the nicotine strength goes down , until you can just order nicotine free refill , or even flavoured ones like chocolate , vanilla ,apple etc. I always found I miss something between my fingers , so this little device takes care of that. Hey, you never know unless you try - all the other non-smoking aids are free , you can just get them at the doctors, for this device I have to pay myself-so it will be an extra incentive as well. I just have to be careful with my weight. In the past I have put it on when I stopped smoking , hopefully my change of lifestyle now will prevent me putting too much on. Guess I have to work out a little harder if I notice my new smaller clothing getting tighter !
I will get ready to go into town now. My favourite crystal bracelet broke yesterday. It was a gift from Erik which he gave me while I was across there with him last year, so it means a lot to me.Nothing fancy, just lots of crystal chips on a thin elastic. I just need to get some of this thin elastic and put the crystal pieces back on it. I already have beading needles which are thin enough among my craft supplies.
I'm currently working on getting all the pieces of a Wedding kit wrapped up and do previews, planning for release end of the week. So this is all for now, will have some time off coming up soon and pop in again then.Leaving you with two pics .
Shaun and Sam -cuddle time
...and me at work ,lol

Hugs Snowy

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