Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I earned my money....

Wow, was that a busy shift ! I really earned my money yesterday. Police were told they had to stay on and do longer shifts , rumors about looting and riots in our said that MacDonalds windows were smashed in, another two said Argos and BHS were looted, yet another said the Britton Centre is on fire -nope, not true, but it still kept us busy with calls coming in. Asda , normally a 24 hour store, same as Tesco closed in the evening and shut their gates,but when I went home everything was peaceful....I really wish people would stop listening and spreading those rumors, they only cause people to worry or panic.
Friends on FB keep asking questions-why did it start ? what is going on now -or - hope everything is ok where you are . Eddy sent me a message :
hope the pucks give up on doing all the damage, stay save babe, watch out on your way home now, babe....
.. bless him, the sweetie ! -so nice to see that my friends care about my safety.
In Fen Park -a childrens play park ,a table and wooden bench , plus a hedge were set on fire by teenagers - I fail to try and make any sense of it, bar needless destruction.More unrests last night have shown that this is far from over, so I am prepared for another busy shift. I tried to design a bit more to get the kit finished but my brain was on strike last night and so I just went to bed in the end. But I have a few pictures to show instead. This was last night during a much needed 5 minute break outside at work , catching a breath of fresh air and taking silly pictures with my phone,lol
And of cause I had to show off my Patriots jersey on Facebook
I also ordered cute little pentagram nail decals from California - will show you what they look  like on the nail when I have time to put them on.
And another Dreamcatcher is done .
And now I have to do some work , get to the shop for some milk and then off to work. I'm running a little late as I already had a chat again with Eddy this morning straight after getting up while I had my first coffee, before I sent him to bed,lol. Of cause  the subject was what was on the news this morning and it's interesting to hear that the news foootage shown in Canada gets the same reaction and thoughts as it does to myself and lots of other people. We don't have enough Police ....this new Government has a lot to answer for ! Till next post -Hugs from here


smiekeltje said...

We've had on the news too about the riots and looting, mostly from London. but it was said it also started in other cities.
Some of those stupid bastards say it all started because the police shot a young man, but I don;t believe them a bit. They just like to make a mess out of everything, and I wonder if there aren't a few people who actually pay some of them to start it all. And once started, others follow easybecause they are not happy with their situation, and without work etc. etc.
But I cannot see how this will change their life situation. What good is there into ruining other peoples shops and living and looting and then ruining things they stole from the shops???
And perhaps there isn't enough police, but Idon;t think you can blame it all on them, wouldn;t be fair.
Hope there will not be such a mess in your town!
May your shift be a bit more quiet than the last one!

Edna B said...

This unrest is so unnecessary, but there are people who are not happy unless they are making everyone else unhappy. Hope it quiets down soon. I just don't understand what makes some folks tick. Here's hoping you have a quieter day at work today. Hugs, Edna B.