Monday, August 29, 2011

Irene has been busy , and Snowy as well...

Hi all, first of all Irene has been causing some problems among a lot of my friends, but some are still able to post via their phones. From Nikki : Report outages 800-465-1212 New England and 800-867-5222 NY. This is from national grid
Then, I have finally recovered from my hangover ! Here are the first photos.The location-Somerleyton Hall
The Bride and her maids
The Groom Eric
This is the hall with all the tables , nicely decorated
The decorations were beautiful
The meal was a starter of Melon topped with Parma Ham and Rocket lettuce, then the main course a Traditional Roast beef with Potatoes and vegetables , for afters it was Strawberry sundae.
The table decorations were not only popular with the kids -I collected the feathers not only for my dreamcatchers,lol- happy mood and laughter at our table !
Sarah caught me sticking the feathers into my hair while waiting for Desert.
That's it for today , more to show in my next post .For now I have to grab some beauty sleep because I am working night shift for the next 3 nights. Till next time-Hugs Snowy

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smiekeltje said...

The location for the wedding is marvellous! And the birde and bridemaides look so beautiful!
And what about the decorations at the table. WOW! BEAUTIFUL!
And by the way; the feathers in your hair look good to you! LOL! Hope to see some pictures of you, want to see your dress!!
Did you make a lot of pictures? And are you going to scrap them for the couple, with parts of the wedding kit you designed? Looking forward to see some layouts, if you are making them.