Friday, August 05, 2011

Well- here I am again !

Lol- don't get too used to it. I might be posting daily again, but it might not last.
Tomorrow I'm back to work and on those hated earlies as well, to top it all off. So I'm making the most of the last hour before bed and quickly post the new addition to the kit I started.
Today was a shopping day, stocking up before I'm back to work and I hit two Stores which are having a sale in the moment. Ended up with a pair of Palazzo Trousers, Jeggings, and a pair of charcoal grey jeans which will be perfect when it comes to autumn time.Plus a pair new slippers and a sweater. The whole lot only cost me £20.00 , which is roughly $30.00. A real bargain day , so I was doing my "happy dance" ,lol. I also bought another book about crystals together with 3 new chrystals and my favourite magazine "Spirit and Destiny" was out new.
But this is the new addition - tubes and quickpage with it.
My friend Matt- bless his little heart (well for a 6 foot man it's not so little I guess) has offered to look for a Patriots baseball cap for me and send it over.
He lives only 30 minutes away from Foxborough and even helped build the stadium.
That will save me a lot of money. If I order it from the USA it will not only cost me more postage and packaging , but I would also have to pay tax. This way it will be a hell of a lot cheaper.Wicked !!!!
Let's see when I find an hour again to make some more stuff for the kit , for now it's a case of getting my work stuff ready and then off to bed for my beauty sleep. Hugs from here :)

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