Saturday, August 06, 2011

And part 3 of new designs

Hello again,
just quickly popping in again to show the next stage of design for the kit I'm working on.....the zoo is getting a bit fuller. This time it's a cute Leopard.
And also the quickpage again to show some of the backgrounds and elements.
And yippieeeee......I have Thursday off!!! Thanks to David and Roy who are between them covering my shift for me. So I can go to the Airshow and watch the football at night. Oh, and Lady Gaga will be in Lowestoft and in Hush Nightclub.Shaun is trying to find out when, and if it fits into my spare time we'll go and see this weird Lady,lol.
I do have to admit , I really like her new song-catchy !
  As for dating -I'm giving up for the time being, too many douche bags around and I am not willing to settle for anything half hearted. I rather be happily single than unhappy in a relationship again. I lost count how many I met and not a single one of them has the qualities I'm looking for.
Till next time , rofl -Hugs Snowy

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