Saturday, August 13, 2011

Night shift recovery again

Hi again,lol
It was a busy night last night at the second day of the Air Show. There were events going on at several pubs and Clubs before the fireworks at the end of it...and it didn't end then.There were people out and about until almost 5.00 am this morning. I took a break outside for some fresh air when the fireworks was on and for a picture shot with my phone this isn't too bad, I think.
After it got more quiet it was a case of keeping myself awake, and what's better than plenty of coffee and nice company to chat with ? So I was chatting to my friend Eddy early morning hours again. Now you are going to laugh.... we carried on chatting when I was home and already in bed via my phone....until just falling asleep. When I got up it didn't take long until he was up as well, and when I asked who of us actually fell asleep first , he didn't know either. I thought it was so funny , literally passing out with the phone still in my hand,lol. I must be getting old !
We have our very own food supply for our lunch breaks at work growning over the fence. Blackberries-these are so juicy and sweet , I often stand there just picking and eating.
This afternoon I played a bit with Minky's kit and made another quickpage. I will make some more and you will them on one of Minky's blogs in future. That's all for now, dinner is ready and I want to go out later. Hugs Snowy

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