Monday, August 08, 2011

Just a quick post before bed....

...because I have the next pack of beasts ready - meet Mr Hippo ....
...and I got the main preview of the kit ready, although I'm still working on a few more pieces, but as usual it won't all fit on the preview. But this is it -I guess 3-5 more days and  it will be done , I still have a few more animals to do.
Plus the detailed previews need to be made before I can start to zip up and upload ...let's see how I get on with my time. For now I'm off to bed - I'm a bit tired as it got later than I had planned last night , and I had to be up at 5 am again this morning. As usual  when enjoying a chat with someone we couldn't find an end again, plus the time difference means a lot of my friends only just start to come on to Facebook to chat when I'm almost ready for bed. Last night I got stuck on the laptop chatting with Eddy again. lol. Luckily it's back to late shifts tomorrow. Oh , and I got my Patriots Jersey today -I'm so impressed ! It's fantastic quality and looks great.
But for now it's snooze time , quickly say good night to Nikki  who is on at the moment and then I'm off ....nite nite,lol

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