Thursday, August 25, 2011


Hi again,
Wedding kit ready and uploading to go into the store tomorrow evening, another kit in the making and I started on yet another project !  My sofa is a few years old, the only thing wrong with it are the covers. So I have decided to give my old sofa a make-over. Via Facebook I am on all sorts of creative sites , so when I came across this one I said to myself" What a bloody good idea ! " Annabella shows how much difference new slipcovers for the sofa make.
So yesterday morning I went to the Come and sew Centre, purchased lots of fabric to do the same. I started last night -will show some pics in another post, but as it grew later Sam seemed to say : "Enough sewing for tonight, I want cuddles" and sat down on my chair.
This is the material for the sofa, a yellow/gold tone with floral shiny pattern
I picked up my electronic cigarette at the post office yesterday. As usual it was delivered while I was asleep after night shift the morning before. And guess what? While I was out picking it up my Amazon packet I will have to cycle up there again today,lol. I charged the batteries for the e-cig and gave it a try. In stead of my normal pack of 20 cigarettes yesterday I made it down to 13 , not too bad for a start. That's counting from the morning before I even had the device and then I had to wait until it was charged up. And I told you I was also busy in between with other craft projects. Here are two of them. A deco heart on my bathroom wall, fitting with the seaside theme. It's painted white and I attached a  ribbon,shell, flower and a baby seagull feather my son picked up for me.
Here is a vintage metal plate which I decorated
That's all for now, need to get ready and pick up my Amazon Packet -till next post.Hugs :)

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smiekeltje said...

The fabric for the new sofa covers looks wonderful! Gosh girl, you are being very busy!
Hope the e-cig will help you!
And yes, cats can be very patient, but when they decide they want to have attention, they know how to show it to us LOL!
Have a terrific weekend,