Friday, August 12, 2011

I have recovered,lol

Hi all, I needed to recover from yesterday, I was out at the Air Show all day , until it finished. Great time with Hog Roast, Ice cream and several beers -yes,I admit ,I was tipsy. Then home Shaun mixed me an Amaretto coke, -oh dear! I had the snacks ready for the evening as well and the first Pats game of the season went fantastic !They defeated the Jaguars 47:12 , with 3 touchdowns by new player Steven Ridley. So Snowy is definitely in Football mood - and I make this look good ,I think,lol .
Here are some pics from the Airshow. Cheers everybody !
Watching the show

All in all a good day.But today I needed to recover -slept until 12 and then slowly got ready , out for some fresh air into town, and now waiting for dinner to be ready and then will have to peddle off to work for a long 12 hour night shift. Let's see if I finish off this kit on my days off . Till next post -hugs :)

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smiekeltje said...

By reading your post I underand you had a terrific day and evening! Oh oh, too much beers? Naughty girl, hahahahaha! No big deal, it probably made you giggling much more and laughing is good for a person.
Oh boy, now you'll have to go back to more serious stuff.... work! Oooops, long shift, hope your head cleared of ROFL>