Saturday, November 05, 2011

Freebie number 3+4 and its getting festive...

Gooooood morning , Peeps !
Today I have yet another Remembrance Day freebie from the past , plus a template and ....... Snowy has been busy with a new kit ! Yup, I'm working on my Christmas kit for this year -and its colourful !
In the moment its coffee time and as usual a good dose of morning music with it. Have you seen the video to Nickelback's When we stand together yet? Its powerful and so right ! Also the lyrics -
One more depending on a prayer ,And we all look away ,People pretending everywhere, It's just another day,There's bullets flying through the air, And they still carry on ,We watch it happen over there, And then just turn it off,When we could feed a starving world, With what we throw away, But all we serve are empty words ,That always taste the same,The right thing to guide us, Is right here inside us, No one can divide us When the Light is nearly on ,But just like a heartbeat The drumbeat carries on…... that's just a small part of the lyrics , I really advise you to watch the video !( you will have to watch it on Youtube,embedding is disabled, but just click on the video and it takes you there)

But now to other things -I'm feeling myself and better again ! So yesterday late afternoon I went out to get some more milk on my bike.Shaun took this pic of me while he was doing some Motorbike maintenance
And in the evening after chatting on the webcam for a while I started the new kit, here is a little teaser. I used a template and the new designs.
For now I am going to need a coffee refill and you can hop over to the freebie page for the links to these :
As I said, they are oldies and have been pubished for a short while before,but with many new scrappers around after all these years now many will not have got them when they were available. For now I say have a great Weekend
Hugs Snowy

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smiekeltje said...

Glad you're feeling better again.
Love your coat, suites you well!!!!
I am designing like crazy at the moment. All kind of Christmas stuff, also "normal"kits in between, now will try to make something new for Minky's Christmas blog. Then we'll have to visit a neighbour, older lady who is temporarly in a home to recover, and bring her post, lots of sport to watch too, so busy again LOL.