Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Freebies Galore !

Hello again,
I have been going through the folders on my external drive today. I tried to count the kits I made, but I gave up after I reached 120. But I can tell you, there will be freebies galore for you ! For the month of November I have decided to republish some old freebies for those who missed them the first time round. The first one is a 5th November kit, when we have Bonfire Night here in UK. The next two are Remembrance Day kits. Further to that I have a huge collection of templates which used to be only available in our old forum , so I have decided to get them out.They all are in psd and psp format.
Then again I am giving a couple of kits a make-over. Going through the folders I came across kits I forgot all about, and some of them rally brought back some memories. And they are that nice that they deserve a make-over and be published again. Back then they were only available for a very short time, due to a shop/web site change over.Now looking at them I think " why have they been in that folder not being used for so long?" 
Oh, and I looking at going back to school in the New Year ! Yup, you are reading right ! Well, I told you that I am doing the Psychic Development course, and I was told I have more learning and studying to do. Well, - after doing some research I am thinking about enrolling at Stonebridge College and studying Holistic Therapies. This is one course I am interested in
Holistic Healing Professional Practitioner 
Preparing healing sessions
Crystal Healing
Anatomy and physiology 1
Anatomy and physiology 2
Basic Nutrition
Basic Exercise
Pastoral and spiritual issues
Autogenic Healing
Colour therapy 1
Colour therapy 2
Colour therapy 3
Chakra healing, traditional and Kaballah models
Parapsychology and Distance healing
Basic relaxation therapy
Altered state healing and NLP in Healing
Basic interviewing and Counselling NOS 1
Basic interviewing and Counselling NOS 2
Inner child therapy and healing
Setting up in practice
-After that I can specialize in any of these with further courses. I have my eyes on reflexology, massage, aromatherapy , or I could even go further into counselling- like dealing with eating disorders,School counselling, substance abuse...there are so many options.These are online courses with several days practice for the duration of the course and I can chose which location from several suits me best. The monthly assignments are either online or I can get them through the post and complete them in my own time.
And of cause my own driving license which I stoped to help Shaun to get his and his Motorbike on the road ,insured and paid off. Looks like a busy year ahead.
Anyway- the first November freebie is up ,- republished :
Please go to the freebie page for the link, I want to keep them all in one place,lol.
For now good night, its late and I need my beauty sleep-Hugs Snowy


smiekeltje said...

Wheee, you've got lots of plans there! But why not do it, if you feel up to it and have time for it, and may be in future you can put up your own practice!!!
Just go for it, give it a try, who knows where it may end???
Now first there's Christmas to think of. Should go on search for a few presents, but have NO idea what!!! LOL.
But as usual I;ll find something.
Have a fantastic day

Edna B said...

I think it's great you going back to school. You've chosen quite a schedule of courses, but it should be quite interesting. I wish you much success with it. You have a gret day, hugs, Edna B.