Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Morning coffee playtime and freebie QP

Good morning,
Well , the power cable/AC Adapter has to be ordered in. It seems nobody in this town has it in stock, I have another shop to try today, but I would be surprised if they have it. And lets see how much they will charge,lol.
But at least I got this old  PC, so all is not lost-just annoying that I can't finish off the Christmas kit in the meantime.
But I already had some playtime while drinking my coffee....well,partly done last night and finished off this morning.I'm on night shift tonight, so I don't have to rush around during the day, which is nice !
This pic was inspired by the lyrics of the new song from Nightwish-Storytime, so I did two versions of it. One just the plain picture, and one where I put a part of the lyrics on it. I'll show you the one with lyrics on.
And I managed to get another quickpage for you uploaded (go to freebie page for the link,please) As November is the month for Thanksgiving I thought this fits well-enjoy
And I challenge you ! - On Facebook a few friends are posting one thing every day this month for which they are thankful for. I shall be making a layout for this myself , but I'd like others to join in.So why not get busy and post one on your blog by Thanksgiving day as well ? Anytime between now and the 24th November. If you send me a link to it you can have a pick of  any one of the items in my store, and there will be a few more still coming( this includes the CU stock-I'm feeling generous,lol) So have a look around and see what's there so far, plenty of X-mas stuff on the separate X-mas CU page, or tubes or even a kit.(as I said , more will be there by the 24th.
But for now I'm off again,lol-Hugs Snowy

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