Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pharmacy Raid and Craft project

Hi and good morning,
I'm up, vertical and as soon as the coffee has kicked in I am going to get ready and raid the pharmacy ! My son believes in sharing again and has given me his cold. So its sore throat , cough and runny nose for a while , I guess. Ughhh...and that when I'm on night shift ! I am so not looking forward to tonight. Guess I will have to drug myself up,lol.
Here are some more Christmas impressions- some things are just a necessity ! Like having advent calendars for the big kids with a sweet tooth here. -with Chocolate....hmmmm !
Decorations are in place, even on my altars

And if you would like to make your own bauble -like this one, go to the craft page , I have posted pics and explained step by step how to do it.

 And I'm off now to get ready, get myself some meds so I can function on my shift tonight. Only good thing is that I have some time to chat with my friends in between , keeps me awake -and with up to 7 hours time difference its sometimes tricky to find the time. Hope you all have a great day-Hugs Snowy :)

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