Friday, November 11, 2011

Just a quick post and another quickpage

Hi all, -well nigh shift recovery successful, flat nice and tidy,curtains washed, window handles lose screws fixed, cooked, washing up done ,full moon ritual last night, cleansing and detox salt bath, 2 more art projects in the making .... hey, you can see I have no time to get bored,lol.
The x-mas kit is almost done , some more bits and bobs and then a name for it , I hopefully find time to finish it off in the morning
Popping into my favourite little shop today was another success in finding yet another x-mas present -I'm getting there ! One by one they are being packed and I'm getting them ready to be posted next payday.-Destination USA ,lol
For the ones on this of the ocean I have still a little more time.
But there is another quickpage freebie for you on the freebie page now - enjoy ! And I'll be back as soon as there is something to show again. Hugs Snowy

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