Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Whooohooo-what a night !

Good morning -or rather afternoon ,lol
I only got up a short while ago as it was rather early in the morning before I went to bed. Yes, I watched the Pats game last night and had tons of fun with Deb , Rob and Mario during the game.Of cause Deb and Rob were watching as well , Rob being a Boston guy,lol. Deb and Rob trying to confuse me , Mario with his comments in between -it was just too funny -all around a great night ! 34 :3 for the Pats !
I've been carrying on being creative as well , but I won't show it as these goodies are going to be in my little Christmas packages. But I will show you Mr Snowy - this little fellow is guarding my door :)
Cute hey? Today I will have to go shopping and stock up again -not much milk left -can't have that ! I need milk in my coffee,lol.
I will show you a layout I made with the Kaleidoscope freebie kit -Shaun on the one of the bikes
 The last 2 links are up now , so you can go and grab the kit.
Oh I came across this picture of a male Witch -pheew -hot or what,lol? I just had to have it as eye candy on my blog! Hello Handsome ! - I wouldn't hesitate to dance skyclad with him....

And with that I'm off for today -hugs Snowy


Anonymous said...

what's the name of the male witch with the black cat, I am interested.

Lamb said...

I'd like to see him in a little bit less robe. Is that wrong?