Thursday, November 03, 2011

More new additions on the blog

Hi again,
I have already been busy this morning and added some more stuff to this blog again. First of all the Midnight Magick kit and sampler are here now and at a reduced price as well (on the kits Store page), secondly there are now 2 Christmas pages , one where the kits will go, and one just for the CU stuff (the first items are transferred over for CU).third another new page just for Art and Craft items and idea links, I have put the first two up there as well. And fourth , 2 yummie Pumpkin recipes are up on the Recipes page- I made and tried these and they were great ! As usual I will add to these pages as I go along as well , if I made and tried something and it turned out great, or I really really like something , it goes on there !(so far its stuff I have already shown here, but I added the links where I got the ideas from)) But I always will announce here on the homepage when I add something new. In the moment its a case of making more x-mas cards , so that's what I do tonight while watching a DVD. I'll be taking it easy today. Being a little stupid when I was cycling ,now I suffer,lol. 
lesson learned : wear appropriate clothing while cycling in the cold wind and don't think because you're hot and sweating its like summer and take off your jacket !
 Now I'm doing the Granny shuffle , pass the Ibuprofen and hot water bottle ! My back and the area around the kidneys aches , where the cold wind got to -I must be getting old,lol. But hey , what doesn't kill me make me stronger ! So off I go now and do some chores , slower than usual -but I don't like sitting on my butt to much -this certainly applies to me,lol
Have a great day
Hugs Snowy

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smiekeltje said...

Welcome to the Granny aged world LOL!! Oh, this weather is soo treaturous, temps feel great, doing some things you quickly are sweating and thinking indeed it's summer weather. Poor thing, know all about muscles in the back around the idney area, here about gone I can say, but still very fragile!
Only thing is indeed keeping it warm, now and then an asperine and hoping for the best ROFL>
Your shop is slowly filling again, great job!
Perhaps a warm bath will help too for your back, I think.
Have still a great day!