Monday, November 14, 2011


....and no, I'm not on about Remembrance Day - for me its a different kind.It has just turned the 14th November and today last year I was still happy in the morning , by late afternoon/evening my world had changed after the phone call that Erik was in a coma. This year has just flown by. I remember standing on the porch at night because I could not sleep, the place where we used to sit together. I remember crying and shouting up to the sky, pleading not to let him die and to take my soul to make him live. -Damn ,I have tears in my eyes just remembering this moment ! Well, it must have worked - the Doctors were not sure if he would survive the first week -but he made it. Always knew he was strong and a fighter,lol. We have no contact , but that doesn't make me forget him. I wish him all the best -he deserves it.You just don't forget your Soulmate. Its part of me and I am grateful for the time we had , even if it was far too short. lol- I just feel sorry for anyone who will have to compete with that , any man after this will have it not easy ! Yeah, I have the reputation of being picky - but I think that's a good thing. Too may just throw themselves into a new relationship and wonder later why it didn't work out. I rather stay on my own than in something that doesn't feel right !
But I had to do a layout , I journal a lot,lol. Even though its pretty personal I decided to show it.
He is alive and that's something to be happy about,you always have to see the positive side, and I hope he is happy and doing well. So today I give you a quickpage from a kit which is special to me - Soulmate
Pick it up on the Freebie page as usual.

 That's all from me - I'm waiting for the Football to start and hope the Pats are going to kick some Jets ass tonight.The Raiders did well , so did the Saints and Ravens, let's hope the Pats will as well tonight.
Hugs Snowy

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smiekeltje said...

Oh Snowy, this last year was really turbulant for you!
I too hope Eric is doing allright. At times I think of him too and wondering if he is happier these days, having a better life, how it's going with his son.
Although it never worked out between you two, due of many things, I know he was and still is special to you. He just came into your life when you needed it and perhaps the change it brought to you personal was just meant to be.
And why should you forget about him? You had some great times together, he was an important person on your way of life, and you never should forget those persons. They deserve to have a little chamber in our hearts.
Isn't it a wonderful thing we have memories to look back to and remember very special persons who came into our lives? All those encounters and memories make us to the persons we are at present.