Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hooray-it's done !

Hi- I finally finished the new kit ! Just got all the previews ready and now zipping them up to be uploaded and put on the store page.
Otherwise not much to tell... had 2 really busy shifts, and....oh yeah, I had another one of my premonitions,lol. On Tuesday morning I had the the urge to phone up Shaun in the morning , I had the feeling if I wouldn't call him he would be late for work. It's a good job I did! He answered the phone, saw the time and all I got was an "oh fuck! - gotta go" - my intuition proved me right again , and it wasn't the first time. I don't make a habit of giving him wake-up calls, but if I get the feeling I am always right.
I'm also putting the last touches to a cross stitch project and will show it soon once it's all done.The other craft project is almost finished as well. I took photos every step of the way and will put them on the craft page soon for others who would like to give the project a try.
My Living room is getting full of little packages- most are to the USA ,but there is one to Holland and of cause to my Parents in Germany. I still have to write the Christmas cards-they can go in together with the gifts. Will save extra postage- gotta think economical,lol.
But now to the new kit and the previews. Here we gooooo..........

I still have to make the sampler, but I will do that in the morning-it's getting a little late now. So more about this in my next post-for now "Good night and swet dreams" -Hugs Snowy

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smiekeltje said...

LOL, you have the same idea as I have, for the Christmascards. Have to wrapp all the present, must check today if I have them all. Hopeless I am at times ROFL. Will send you a mail with a question!
The kit is looking all different from other stuff you've made, but you did a beautiful job, wheeeee!
Till later.