Thursday, May 05, 2011

Night shifts over and time off...yippieeeee !

Hi, came home not long ago from my night shift after a very slow and mellow bike ride. I enjoy cycling when it's such gorgeous Spring weather.
I have noticed that Kyra has not posted a while after she wrote she wasn't very well. Hope you feel better soon and get rid of this nasty cold you got !
Actually, I will do the same now. There is no point just posting for the sake of it if I don't spend time on the computer designing or have pictures to show. I'm still on Facebook with my phone , which is a lot more practical as I can just post there on the go and don't need to sit in front of a computer or laptop. Plus I have MSN Messenger on my phone as well , so can chat with friends even while I'm out and about.
I have started to read a new book, this is more advanced then my previous books and I really got stuck into this and barely could put it down.It's fascinating what crystals can do !
 As for loosing weight ... when I look at pictures from last year and the newest one from yesterday the weight loss is even visible in my face,lol. I didn't notice it , but I met an old acquaintance and she burst out "OMG... You have changed !"...I think my look was rather surprised , I didn't realise longer hair and loosing weight would make such a big difference,lol.
 This one is from 2006 drab do I look ? (and you can see I was not happy back then)
This was the year I first started to time flies by !
 And yesterdays photo ... yup, the chubbiness is definitely gone. Less junk food, more healthy stuff , more moving around in the fresh air ... it does all make a difference. Anyway, I'm off for a few hours of beauty sleep , then out into the sun for a while and tonight most likely chat a bit. Have a good day , and I will see what I get done during my time off. Hugs Raven

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smiekeltje said...

Hi girl, I am happy to read you are doing great! It was about time, isn;t it?
I will have to take a long time to recover I guess, it will be hard, but must keep the spirit up somehow. Well, today I have a slightly better day, hope that will be going on now every day even if it's going in millimeters.
Enjoy your days off. Weather should be lovely!
Hugs sweetie