Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A day with good and bad

Good morning ,peeps
Yesterday was definitely a bit of a work day. I almost had frost bite on my fingers cleaning and sorting out the 2 freezers. Then Iceland came with my home delivery and the new frozen stuff had to be packed away. At least I did the ironing before , which got me hot and sweating,lol- so I needed to cool down anyway.
I re potted a few plants as well and discovered that 2 of my sage plants have what is called " Powdery mildew" , a fungus which spreads it's spores by air. So I had to separate the infected plants from the rest . I looked up treatment on Google and it seems that spraying with either a milk/water mixture or baking soda are natural ways of treating it. So I try the milk/water mix first-let's see if it works.
The good news came in the evening with a knock on the door. The guy from the Electric company was reading the meter and noticed we have been billed too much for a few months. So I will be getting a refund that's news I really like to hear !
Now to design. Did you listen to that song I posted yesterday? That and the so called "End of the World " a few days ago inspired me to do this new kit ....guess the name of it ! ...Rapture ,lol
Definition of Rapture :  ecstasy.great delight.the state of mind resulting from feelings of high emotion; joyous ecstasy
2. An expression of ecstatic feeling. Often used in the plural.pleasure
3. The transporting of a person from one place to another, especially to heaven.
also : 
"Rapture" is an English noun derived from the Latin verb rapiƍ, with a literal meaning of "I catch up"
Well , I am catching up,lol ! I'm catching up with having fun and going out.
Here a layout I made with a few more pieces from the kit ...oh no...I'm not showing too much yet
For the journaling at the bottom I picked out some of the lyrics from yesterdays music video, as they are just perfectly fitting.
It was a little bit windy when the photo of me on the wall was taken , hence the stormy blown back hair.
But now it's time for me to get busy again, -the cleaning Fairy has not turned up again, and as we had dinner quite late yesterday due to Shaun working and Cadets straight after ,I still have the washing up from last night in the sink.So I better get moving, and then re-pot some more of my herbs into larger containers.
Hugs Raven

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