Monday, May 30, 2011

Party at the Beach

I had slipper thieves in my flat during the night ...I can only find one this morning ,lol. As promised some photos from K-Fest this morning.
The pier where it all takes place's packed !
The bands are playing ....
...everybody is in a good mood , and even dancing ...
That's Lindsay, one of the Organisers of K-Fest
Katie was in very good mood as well....and she had a few more drinks than I did,lol.
Well, what can I say-a good afternoon and evening .... this is Andy , a work colleague with his band Six Degrees of Separation playing .
Wonder if Katie has a hangover? Her first comment on the photos this morning was : OMG !
I will go and search for my other slipper now,-it's kind of awkward walking around with just one I really want another coffee ! And breakfast sounds like a good plan as well. Hugs Raven

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