Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More photos

Hi all, just a quick one to share a few more pictures with you. And to boast about another little achievement. When I started to cycle I wasn't as fit as I thought. On the way back it goes uphill slightly all the way.One of these hills I stated off and made it up a third of the way before I had to get off the bike and pushed it up the rest, the next week I was able to cycle up half the way ...and so on.... and today- yippieeee ...I can cycle up , sitting comfortably , without breaking into sweat or my heart beating fast ! So much for progress... it's slow but steady. For me definitely something to be proud of,lol. But now some more pics. In full bloom - a lovely yellow colour just saying "Summer is close"
And the Bluebells are in full bloom as well.
I just came back from work  while ago, and program for tonight is the open evening at the Army Cadets. Shaun works there as Instructor now after being an Army Cadet for years himself. He put in a lot of hard work with those kids , so I promised I would come and watch tonight. I have handed in leave request at work for a few days when Stephen is off as well, so we can do something together , plus planning some more time off for end of June/July as well.June is pretty much booked out as Roy is on leave and going to Download Festival again, so I have to take mine when he is back again. August is also quite full already as Christine gets married and has two weeks leave after that. But no problem, I fit mine in between . And now I'm off again - get some dinner done and then off to Cadets later. Hugs Raven

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