Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Sampler in Store

Gooood morning !
Just came home from my night shift , even stopped on the way at the store to get some cat food , so I won't have to go out for that later after I get up. A bike is pretty practical for that , just put the shopping in the saddle bags and off you go ,lol. Plus I already had my morning fitness workout that way. This morning at 5 am I was sitting there with a huge grin on my face.
I have a few previews on this lovely sunny morning before I disappear into my bed for you. First there's the sampler which is Store now.
Then I told you I have started playing with some new designs- this will be the first Summer kit. Summer BBQ- here two qps with some of what I have done so far.

I will have another night shift to do tonight , and then 4 days off again -yippieeee ! Oh, and I have been spoiling myself rotten ! As I carry on loosing weight and everything is getting far too large I had to replace some more summer clothing. All my jeans are that big that I can pull them down over my hips without even opening the button and zip, the T-shirts are also 2-3 sizes to big -so it was time for some new stuff. Might do my annual fashion show and take some pics when I have time on my days off,lol .I also have another little project planned for the wall I painted last week. I want an image on there ... I'm thinking a  swarm of dragonflies in the same colours as the wallpaper. So I will get creative again. My poor sofa is getting on a bit , I would really like a new one , but will have to save up for that first. I think this has to come before even thinking of another holiday. -Unless I win the Lottery and can do both , which is highly unlikely,lol. Shaun also wants to renovate his room,so I will most likely have to give him a hand with that soon. But he pays for it himself. He also wants some new furniture in his room , so you can see that he is full of plans as well.But now I'm off to bed , I have already washed a machine of laundry which has just finished, so I can get that out before I go to sleep. Hugs Raven

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