Sunday, May 08, 2011

Weekend Bike Ride

Hello again,
with such gorgeous weather here it was time for a nice bike ride yesterday. Would you believe I was out for 5 hours? I still don't know where the time went, it was just flying by.
The day started with browsing through some Design goodies as a lot of stores had reduced prices for the day. So I got some in the morning first. Then out and on my bike.I took lots of pictures-I actually remembered to take my camera along.
This is the long road to the destination-Corton Rd.
And some green landscape along the way.
This is my pride and joy - my bike - love it ! Best one I've ever had and so comfortable and easy to ride.
After 5 hours when I came home it was a case of get comfy, PJs on, cook dinner, watched the UK Top 40 on the music channel while playing with Photoshop for a while, then switched over to watch Iron Man and in between Stephen, popped up for chat.
These are playtime results with pics I took yesterday. Break time , having a drink and snack -essential !

And some lovely blossoms on the tree which caught my eye. This in one of the original pics.
Today I will get my work clothes ready and need to iron the laundry, then out for some fresh air  and to bed early tonight as I will have to be up at 5 am again for early shift Monday morning. And now I say till next post -Hugs Raven

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