Saturday, May 28, 2011

New CU Overlays in Store

Hi again, the weather wasn't fantastic I got busy and packed up 3 new packs with CU Overlays to go into the Store...or they will be as soon as I have put up the post after writing this. I have so many of them as I create new ones for almost every kit I do. So these are in my Store now for only $1.99 each

Ughh.... I need another coffee. I was home at 3.30 am this morning. First I went to Notleys Bar where the band was playing.

After that I got a text from Shaun "Hey Mum, come to the new La Rouge Nightclub" I went there as well and stayed till they shut down and then walked home with Shaun.This is what it looks like inside La Rouge. I did   "The Shuffle " on the dance floor last night.:).-if you don't know what the "Shuffle dance " is, there is the video of LMFAO -Party Rock Anthem in my side bar , it gives you an idea how mad I was on the dance floor,lo. And believe me , if you do the shuffle to the long version of the song you have done a good fitness workout ! Shake it ! 

Once we were here Shaun said he was hungry and really fancied a bacon/egg roll.... and making me hungry in the process. Luckily I had bacon in the fridge so we were standing in the kitchen at 4.00 am in the morning frying bacon and eggs , before we finally went to sleep,lol.
Today I'm taking it easy and chilling out as much as possible as I'm back to work early in the morning. Shaun is working at La Rouge again tonight (until 3am) and then he starts at 10 am at his regular Security job in the morning. He's gonna be one tired boy.. For me it's a case of getting up at 5 am,be at work for 6.45 am until 3.00 pm, race home on my bike , get changed out of my work uniform into something more suitable , and head down to the beach for K-fest. If.... only if I'm not too knackered I might end up in La Rouge again after K-fest is finished. So there-that's my Sunday,lol.Monday I have taken off as leave so I can recover . And despite of 5 large pints of Guinness last night  I was not drunk or have a hangover ...just a bit tired, so it's definitely an early night for me ! So with that I'm off now , do a bit of tidying up,chill out and then a nice bath later before bed. Hugs Raven

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