Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A day to relax and recover,lol

Morning all, - as you can imagine I didn't do much yesterday.Today it's back to work and I needed to chill yesterday and recover from all this time out. Yes, I admit that I was exhausted,lol. So I just did the cleaning and then relaxed he rest of the day. And having these 3 cats means the floors are being done daily as they lose a lot of fur.
In the evening I actually did some work on the kit and made two layouts with it. Here's what I did.
This first one is inspired by my attitude now and the fun I'm having.I'm meeting lots of new people...-yes, I'm dating but unless everything is right there is no chance in hell that commit myself to a relationship.And I have to say I get bored easily these days .....
The second one is a bit of humour with truth in it. Wiccan principle is that you have to love yourself first before you can love others.Nothing to do with being stuck up,it's just self confidence and knowing what you're worth.
So ...Rapture all the way,lol. I even put the devils horns into the kit .... a halo really does not suit me.
And here the perfect song for this theme-"Beautiful People"....if you listen to lyrics they make so much sense ....and I'm off.Hugs Raven

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