Friday, May 27, 2011

Getting more "Raptured"

Whoop whoop...helllo, yup- I actually have been designing yesterday. We had a day with a lot of showers and strong winds, so I went out with my bike for a short time, just made it back in time not to get soaked and worked a bit on the kit...Mind you, I did have a good soak in the evening with a nice bubble bath,lol.
A few more pieces and this kit will be ready, but I don't think I will get anything done today. I'm off to Notley's Bar tonight again to watch another live band. And you can bet I will watch my drink like a hawk!I don't want to end up like Shaun last week.
Sunday is K-Fest , I'm working early Shift-but I will be cycling home full speed , get changed out of my uniform and down to the beach. It takes place at the Fisherman's Wharf again, like last year.Andi's band , Six Degrees of Separation is playing again, and I should think he will do one of his acoustic performances inside as well. It will be a case of dressing in layers again. In the afternoon it's still warm , but once the sun goes down it can get pretty chilly at the beach. Last year it was really cold around 9.00 pm there. Plus with the weather being a mixture of sun and rain  it's best to be prepared. I'll post some pictures from K-Fest on Monday.
But now to the teaser designs from the Rapture kit-I made two qps from the new stuff.
And now it's time to clean and tidy up a bit again. I hate having cat hairs around , and these 3 leave a lot of it behind. Well, at least the two long haired ones. As much as I love them, once they are gone I will not get more pets ! I will not miss the hairs, cleaning the litter boxes and I won't have to worry about finding someone to look after them when I travel and go on vacation.Sam is 13 years old soon, Dusty 12. With Shaun in a full time job as well, me working and being out most of the time they are on their own here in the flat mostly now. There is a short time in the evenings before heading to our bedrooms where they get a cuddle , but they are not allowed into the bedrooms. Shaun has a mild allergy to the hairs, I react allergic to dust -which is why they are limited to downstairs, where we have PVC and laminated flooring instead of carpets , which is easier to keep clean.And with that I will get the hoover out -have a great day ! Hugs Raven

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Edna B said...

Your herb garden looks fantastic! It's good to hear you in good spirits a lot. Have a great time this weekend. Hugs, Edna B.