Monday, May 23, 2011

Lovin Summer !

first day off today.It's so nice waking up in the morning without alarm clock and being able to roll over and stay in bed a little longer, knowing that I won't have to go to work.
Yesterday late afternoon was a drive to Norwich, bite to eat and cinema. I am loving 3D movies. The effects are just so much more amazing. Was back home around 10pm , chatted a little with Deb and Julie on FB and then bed.
And another success story to tell. I bought myself a dress and tried it in my current size...or so I thought ....but wearing it, it seemed rather loose and specially around the top half it didn't fit well.So I ask the nice shop assistant if she could bring me a smaller size ...and, oh wow! -that was much better ! Needless to say I am absolutely over the moon and happy that "my top half " has shrunk as well,lol.I have not worn this size since I got pregnant with Shaun 20 years ago ! The bike is definitely helping with all the weight loss, plus my change in food and living healthier.I can't even eat so much anymore.My stomach has got used to smaller portions the past .... well, it must be almost 2 years now.
This is the dress-perfect for a sunny day !
They say you are what you eat ...what does that make me then...a fruit case? These are my snacks at work , nobody can say I won't get enough vitamins ! Kit used is Happy Summer
Last Friday I went out to Notleys Bar , Shaun was there as well with his friends. They had a live band playing and it was a good evening. Shaun and me walked home together , he was a little tipsy , but that was all. On the way we went for a snack and had a chat with Police Officer standing there and keeping watch on all the people out for the night. When we arrived home and were eating Shaun started to drift off , falling asleep -which was strange as he didn't have that much to drink.Suddenly he got up and into the bathroom saying he felt sick. Not long and all contents from his stomach were in the toilet when he threw up a few times. Then he passed out , bent over the toilet sitting on the floor. No matter what I could not wake him. I watched him a little longer to make sure all was ok and then went to bed. He woke up early morning and went upstairs himself.When he woke later he said this was not normal - he also said it didn't feel like a hangover - we think his drink had been spiked. Even though we never leave our drinks standing around, it only takes a second when you look to the side to drop something into the glass. He told me he noticed a strange taste. But he's ok, that's what matters and we will be even more careful and watch our drinks from now on.Sad that you can't go out and enjoy yourself  anymore without keeping a really close eye on your drink and not put it down on the bar or table anymore.Poor Shaun -but I just couldn't resist this !
It's just taken with my phone so not too fantastic,lol.
I am also working on another kit.It's slow going as I don't spend much time on the PC but it will get there in the end.
That's all for now again-I'm back when I have something to show or tell.
Hugs Raven

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smiekeltje said...

So glad to hear all is okay with Shaun now! Yes, it is scary, that you cannot leave your drink alone when you go out!!
May be today Jan and I will go out to look for a parasol for the garden. We really need one, cause the terras is very sunny, and it gets real hot when the sun shines on it all day!
Have fun during your days off!!