Thursday, May 12, 2011

A few more photos

Good morning again, -another late shift today. Yesterday we got dark clouds in the sky during the afternoon.I thought it was going to rain, but amazingly the clouds drifted further inland and it stayed dry here.We could really do with some rain, the grass on Royal Green is not green anymore but has turned a brown colour due to all the sun we have been having for weeks now. People with Gardens also say they want some rain, Normally we have that further into the year, this time Summer has definitely started early.
I designed a few more pieces for one of the kits I'm working on last night, it's getting there slowly. But today I show a few more photos.It's peaceful and nice to walk further into the woods on this path.
The white blossoms of the Hawthorne caught my eye.
Obviously while there it was a case of pushing the bike,lol. The last picture was taken on the way back -view down and across the sea.
And that's all from that trip , but I have plenty more planned when I find the time on days off. That's it for today again from the most easterly Point of England -Hugs Raven

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