Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Last day ...where does the time go?

Hi , good morning ...oohhh, I would really like to know who comes into my room during the night, backcombs my hair and makes me look like Beetlejuice ! It's my last day off again, but .... only 4 days work and I will be off again for a bit longer when my leave starts. Whoohoooo ! Last night was funny.As usual I put out my Crystals to recharge during the full moon and I also burned some incense up in my room last night. This time I tried a new one which has to be burned on a charcoal disc.I think I put a little too much in ,lol-my whole room was filled with the smoke.But it smelled really nice. Next I heard Shaun coming up the stairs and knocking on my door. He carefully peeked around and asked:" What wacky stuff are you burning? I can smell it all the way downstairs"  He reckons if Police would have been near they would have raided the flat for illegal drugs ,lol. I have to admit I was getting a bit light headed and opened the window before I went to sleep. That was one hell of a strong incense ! I made a layout of a shot I took with my phone last night -kit used is "Faith" available in my Store.
The way it's going I have to sort through my clothing every 3 months in the moment. Yesterday I sorted out another two bags which will have to go. The tops and jeans are just far too big for me now.
Payday tomorrow - and I have seen a gorgeous top in one of the shops which I will get after work tomorrow. Hey, I have to replace what I throw out,lol -that's my excuse anyway. The weather is looking a bit grey this morning. It's not raining but there is thick cloud cover who knows?We might get some later on. And now it's time to get my butt into gear and get ready ...shower , get dressed and out ...hopefully before the weather starts to decide it will rain. Here is another music video -Nero with Guilt
Hugs Raven


smiekeltje said...

You really had a good time off! You made me laugh with the story about the insence LOL. I can imagine the remark of Shaun!
Wow, girl, you are doing great with your wieght! And it suits you much better, really. Have fun replacing the clothes you throw away.
Have a great last day off,

JChristie said...

nice article. I like it. thx