Monday, February 21, 2011

Where has the sun gone?

9.00am,grey and cold,the temperature has dropped again after we had some lovely spring weather here. Guess I better turn the heating back up,it's quite chilly! Last nite after work we sat here munching Hot Cross Buns,Shaun needed some cheering up. One of his best friends got seriously injured in Afghanistan,he is only 19 and lost both legs and one arm being blown up, not sure yet if he makes it,and how much brain damage there will be.He was being flown back to a specialist hospital here in UK last night. I know exactly how Shaun feels, the feeling of wanting to help,but being unable to do anything, constantly waiting for news and being scared and worried and praying for some good news.It was exactly the same for me last November when that with Erik happened.All I can do is to be there for Shaun ,and send some healing to that poor boy. Needless to say his parents are in bits as well.
I played with some photo filters last night,one gives quite a cool,clear effect,the other a softer,warm look.I think for the photo I used I prefer the cool look.These pics where taken in moments of madness on full moon night and you can clearly see that I was in mischief mood,lol.The kit I used is Midnight Magick. And now it's time to finish my coffee and get my work done in here.Hugs Snowy

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smiekeltje said...

Hi, Good to see you posting longer posts again LOL! WOW, girl, you are talking serious. I mean about giving up designing for a while, needing your energy and all for the Reiki.! Well, why not, a break may do you some good, it might give new inspiration in time and I suppose you still will hold on to your shop, certainly for the dreamcatchers. It's amazing, how people are interested in them! But only thing is, I surely could do with a little bit of your time to do the thing I wanted to, but I do need some help with it. Any chance? LOL. Don;t feel obligated or whatever, but I would like to make a start, who knows to what it will lead.

So sorry to read about Shaun's friend, that dammned war in Afghanistan is taking too much lives as well as real bad injured people. It doesn;t look well for this friend, we cannot imagine his feelings and that of his parents, one way knowing he's alive, still, but on the other hand looking at him, that badly injured, how to cope with that??
Sometimes live is quit nice, but it sometimes really sucks too!

Well, I better get posting now and then get busy around here!
Have a fantastic day