Monday, February 14, 2011

Something to chuckle

Walking home with my shopping a car drives past me ,beeing his horn.I just take a quick look to see if its anyone I know and walk on. Next minute ,top of the road this car comes to a sreeching halt,turns and comes with quite a speed towards me,then stops right in front of me. I almost dropped my bag! slightly pissed of at this idiot driver to scare me like this. Next minute the window opens and two smiling faces inside shout "Happy Valentines,gorgeous!" Ok,lol-how can I say angry with that? I just couldn't help but laugh,said thanks and let the two guys drive off. Still having a chuckle while I'm writing this,lol.
Tomorrow I have to go to a meeting, btter get some clothes ready. Don't think my hoodie and pants are quite the right thing to wear. Hugs Snowy

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