Saturday, February 19, 2011

Snowy the Dreamer,lol

Well, the rate this is going I will have my very own Dream Dictionary soon. Right- this was the dream: I am in some sort of tree house, I see myself climbing up the stairs,a spiral staircase. I am exploring and feeling extremely curious, but also very peaceful and can't wait to see what I will find on the next level. The stairs are metal.There is a window, I see other trees and notice they are Oaks.The temptation to carry on to the next level is too great and I carry on up the stairs,I like the atmosphere in there, I feel warmth inside this tree house.I  finally reach the next level and it's the top, there is a skylight and I can see the blue sky ....then I woke up.
Looking up all the meanings of this was certainly interesting and confirmed what I knew and was feeling anyway.
Stairs mean achieving a higher level of understanding, making progress in the spiritual,emotional and material journey, the winding spiral stairs indicating growth or rebirth.
Oak trees mean longevity, stability, strength, tolerance, wisdom and prosperity.
Exploring speaks for itself-self discovery
Window signifies bright hopes,possibilities and insight, looking out signifies the outlook in life, consciousness and refers to intuition and awareness-you may be reflecting on a decision.
To feel peace means an end or resolution to an emotional issue or inner conflict, it may signal the end of a cycle and the pause before beginning a new endeavor.It also means you have reached a new level of stability and calmness.
Temptation (now I don't like this one !) it signifies that an envious person will try to turn your friend(s) against you and will cause you much problems
Warmth-signifies contentment and satisfaction in your accomplishments and also symbolizes hope and unconditional love
Metal-signifies strength and character, solid metal also represents your libido and sexual desire
Skylight-represents enlightenment, you are receiving guidance from a higher source and highlights your connection to spirituality. (I know, I try to communicate with my guide daily now since Michael gave me the messages, and love the fact I have a fierce warrior guide looking after me.And that's just one of them !)
Blue sky-to look up at a blue sky denotes hope, possibilities, creativity, peace and freedom of expression-as the saying goes "the sky is the limit"
The other dream I had suggests to "reconnect" , the blood means life, love, passion and represents the energy put into something that you are not willing to give up.Fingers symbolize manipulation and non verbal communication, being the right hand is a pun for making a decision and for something being "right"-a lot more to it , but too bloody much to write.
OK - ARE YOU ALL SITTING DOWN? I don't want you to faint or fall off your chair here ! You know I wrote earlier dreaming about a decision I have to make? That was spot on. I have been thinking about stopping as a designer. I told you in earlier posts that I'm training in Reiki. My Level 1 attunement will be coming up soon, and I'm carrying on to Level 2 and 3. I will have to focus all my energy on this for a while.There are also certain changes I have to make for the attunement itself-no processed food for several days before,clearing away all negativity and more.... So when this time comes I will be withdrawing from everything for as long as this takes.I have taken time off work for this as well so I can really concentrate on just this. Thought I give you a pre-warning , not that you are all surprised when I announce that I won't be designing for a while. This is important for me and has to come first.But until then I carry on as normal ( if there is such thing as normal for me,lol) -Hugs Snowy

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