Friday, February 04, 2011

First signs of Spring pics

Hi again,
well, I did go for a walk om Imbolc and yesterday late afternoon and took some pictures...... sorry Edna, I know you are stuck in lots of snow over there , not trying to rub it in maybe you enjoy to see some green instead of white.
This is at the top of our road. The trees look as if they have leaves on, but it's actually Ivy climbing up and all over the trunk and branches.
But there is already some growth on the ground.
And in between , where the sunlight can reach are these little ones poking their heads out of the ground....

As the sun was going down and the closer I got to the seawall and the beach , the colder it got. The wind up there is damn chilly !!! But not to worry-I really have to be grateful to Erik for the hoodie he gave me as a gift.,it kept me warm and cozy in the wind up there.
 I'm really being blown through there !
And  then it already started to get darker and fog started to come up. Walking past the Lighthouse ad the light for the ships is on. Not exactly a true beauty , our lighthouse - maybe you can understand why I have fallen in love with the one in Scituate now. We can't just sit by the Lighthouse here , it's on top of a hill and surrounded by walls, where as at Scituate we were just sitting on the rocks  in the sun after climbing  over the rocks and walking over them out towards the ocean.And you're not even allowed to do that here,lol- all in the name of health and safety.
I finished off the March Store kit and free part, all that's left to do now is to make detailed previews and upload the lot.
I was busy with some Song Lyrics artwork last night as well. Rhianna brought out a new song and Jaedyn and myself had a good laugh and shocked quite some people yesterday. I found the song on YouTube and put the main lyrics up as my status, Jaedyn saw it, listened to it and commented "no truer words said (or sung)"and put it up as her status as well,lol. Oh dear - we had a good giggle. It's so funny to shock people from time to time ! That's where the wicked Witch and Rebel comes out in us.
This is it -Rhianna's new hit

The graphics for this were put together with 3 different kits of mine.
And that's me off for the day again, Time to visit Facebook while I have another coffee and say "Good morning" to my friends over there-no doubts Jae is already working on a caffeine overdose as well,lol.
Hugs Snowy

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