Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It's 06.18 and coming to the end of my night shift. 5 coffees , music and keeping myself occupied got me through keeping awake,lol. We are lucky , because I can take my laptop to work which helps to pass the time and keep the mind busy and awake when nothing goes on in the early morning hours. But do you think I did anything on the laptop apart from listening to music and going through some downloaded pdf files about Reiki? Nope- I have another started kit to finish, but the second day in a row I just cannot be bothered and instead chose to do Cross stitching instead. Now it's almost time to go home and I'm really looking forward to crawl into my bed. Maybe I will do something when I get up later after I have done my usual work at home. So expect an evening post next,lol -I need my beauty sleep first ! Hugs Snowy

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