Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm amazed ....

I would have thought being without the Internet on my PC for a while would be a lot worse.What I didn't expect was this kind of peace and getting back to all the other things I used to enjoy before. I have been baking,cooking from scratch with fresh ingredients,reading and learning a lot,enjoying being creative by getting totally messy with glue and other materials,meditating,plenty of sleep,spending time to work on my Book of Shadows and spells/rituals.....I can honestly say that this time away from the normal net (apart from this phone) is doing me good. Maybe we rely too much on this technology and should go back to living without it a bit more often. It is certainly making me appreciate a lot of other things I never found the time for in years. Just a thought that popped into my head while up in my room,listening to some calming,medtative music before going to sleep-so I thought I share quickly what I was thinking.Normal post and pics after my beauty sleep again...nite,nite....sweet dreams

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