Thursday, February 17, 2011

The last evening....

...and in the morning it's back to work for me. But another nice stretch off in March.All the old leave days have to be taken by the 31st. So I'm writing my post tonight.
Shaun is at the Army Cadets beasting the kids with PE,bless...I bet he enjoys that as Instructor now,lol. So peace for Mother here now after an afternoon of him playing DJ and mixing old Club,Trance and some newer songs.Actually,I have to give it to him, he creates some wicked mixes and had me dancing in the kitchen while cooking earlier. But as soon as he had left I was in "Bubble bath heaven", and now in bed carefree and hairfree,lol-I still think epilators were made as torture device for women!
Sage incense,candle on,music in the background, new issue of my favourite magazine...see for yourself-night time essentials.In the moment I'm so comfortable and content,I could purr (well,a full massage would be nice as well)
No computer today apart from printing some new address labels.I found old ones still with Mrs Wade on,-that Woman does not exist anymore, so work for the shredder again.Anyway,enough written...that mag is waiting to be read.  Hugs Snowy

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