Thursday, February 24, 2011

RIP Jamie and creative time again

Well,that bath earlier did the trick,I feel human again. I made a nice mix of sage and rosemary oil to add to the water and this has an invigorating effect-just right for after a night shift. So this Witch was in full swing again after that. But sadly it didn't last. Shaun and myself were both in tears after getting the news that Jamie had died from his injuries. His birthday would have been on the 21st and Shaun and Jamie wanted to celebrate on Shaun's birthday 10 days later together. My heart goes out to the family who now have to cope with loosing their son. Shaun wants a picture of Jamie in his room,so I will do a nice layout for him to print and frame. Now you can see why I'm posting this so late. It really brings to mind again how quickly people can be gone from our lives. Always bear that in mind, tell your friends and family that you love them,keep them close and don't push them away-tomorrow it could be too late. But I have previews for you before I go to sleep now. Another kit is completed. Dreamscape
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smiekeltje said...

Soooo sad news about Jamie. My heart goes out to his family and also to you and specially Shaun! It hurts to hear that kind of news. Perhaps for him it is better, beaing hurt so terrible, he is free from all of it now. That's the only consolation you might have.
Yet it is sad again such a young life is destroyed for what???

Beautiful kit you;ve made again.I like the paper very much!