Thursday, February 03, 2011

Spring is slowly coming.... least that's what it seemed like on Imbolc. We had some sunshine here and the temperature wasn't to bad either. We had a a nice mellow day here. I spent time meditating, did my ritual , made some layouts and even got the February kit into my Store. Let's start with the kit , the layouts were all made with this as well. The colours were chosen by Miriam, and you will get some free parts each week in the Magickal forum. But as always I create the matching Store kit to my own part.
A Valentines kit with different style, mine turned out rather Gothic again,lol.

The free part will be available later this month. But here are the layouts I made with the kit. Nothing is as nice and atmospheric as candle light -so I took some pictures of my altar again. This is my  Imbolc
In case you wonder about that blue little figure there-it's a poppet. You fill it with the hair or other items of the person you want the spell to work for. In this case the colour of the poppet is blue for healing and it's a healing spell. The Imbolc colours are red, white and green and are reflected in the colours of the candles.
On Imbolc we honour the Goddess Brigid- she is the Patron Goddess of the Arts, Poets and also Healers. All things I can relate to.
Here is a poem I scrapped by Rumi, love his stuff !
But as it's supposed to be a Valentines kit I had to make at least one layout to reflect that. Suits me-I couldn't picture myself surrounded by pink design.
And I have lost more weight ! Stopping snacking in between has quite an impact. -well guess what? Since November and coming back from my USA trip I have lost more,I'm down yet another dress size. The skinny jeans which I so proudly got out last year , which did not fit me for years is now that loose that I can pull them down without opening the button or zip. It's amazing how changing your life style just a little bit can have so much impact.
Yup, I'm really happy about this ! I'm all round fitter and healthier than I used to be. I think a lot of my eating habits were caused by frustration while I was still married. Comfort eating. Take the frustration away and I was able to change my habits over time. Without going on a strict diet ! I still eat what I want -just in smaller quantities, specially when it comes to the sweet stuff and chocolate.Anyway, I have rambled enough for now. More tomorrow ,lol .Hugs Snowy

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