Saturday, February 26, 2011

Preparing for Ostara

After a few nice sunny days we are back to grey and wet this morning.Not long and it will be Ostara next month. My altar already has  pastel lilac candles on it, and a cloth I stitched myself with Easter motifs.On my shopping trip I got us some Chocolate bunnies and some other goodies. Today I am going to look for a tall enough vase to hold some small branches and twigs. Cherry looks lovely when they start to blossom in the vase, but any will do,because the green of the leaves is lovely as well. German and also pagan tradition is the "Easter Tree".Painted eggs or/and other spring and Easter decorations get hung onto the branches-it looks really nice and colourful. For that purpose I bought some cheap plastic egg shapes which I will paint in certain colours ans decorate with Wiccan symbols and Runes. When Shaun  was little we used to paint the eggs together. These days the big boy has slightly different interests.I get the branches roughly a week before Ostara for them to grow and get leaves. But I will post pics of the decorations  and painted eggs in between as I get them ready. Besides working on my cross stitch I did get a bit done for my Ostara kit,and even a quickpage to show.The bunnies I made in Poser,back in PSP and frame and pageborder with PS,all mixed together,lol.And time for me to get ready,so have a nice day.
Hugs Snowy                           

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