Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sweet little surprise

Hi again, I had a lovely surprise when I looked into my tray at work.Somebody had put some Quality Street Chocolates there for me. When I left a thank you note Roy came forward and said it was him. Bless him,lol ,certainly made my shift at work a lot sweeter. I have been creative again tonight and worked on more Dreamcatcher designs. Shaun is working at the doors of our Night Club ,so peace for mother here.So far he's worked at The Crown,Notleys,The Globe and Hush...getting around a bit as a bouncer. And he's been hired as Security for Reading Festival. That means free Tickets for me,lol...bring it on ! September we're going to Norfolk Spectacular, Dizzie Rascal,Tinee Tempah,Jason Derulo,Usher....hell,it's gonna be fantastic! April is a trip to London in Roys new car to see Kamelot play at the Koko. May is the next K-Fest. I'm in concert heaven,lol. And next weekend I'm off work, out Saturday night and out for Dinner on Sunday,followed by a game of pool/billiard...let's see if I can still remember how to play and beat my son!
Anyway,here my newest creations.Hugs Snowy up 5 minutes on Facebook and the violet one seems sold and going to Fall River in USA/MA,lol

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