Friday, February 18, 2011

More dreams and learning my lessons

Found this and found it so true after what I have learned the past few months: It isn't necessary to be perfect to be a channel for the universe. You just have to be real--be yourself. The more authentic, honest, and spontaneous you are, the more freely the creative force can flow through you. As it does so, it cleans out the remnants of old blockages. What comes out may sometimes be unpleasant or uncomfortable, but the energy moving through will feel great.
FORGIVENESS and LOVE are the real Potential & Kinetic aspects of Energy. Forgiveness and Love serve as motivating force of "LIFE'S GENETIC SPIRAL"of Awareness. the letting go & the embracing of all ASPECTS OF CONSCIOUSNESS as LIFE presents new Faces every day.

Tonight is a full moon. Don't forget to place your crystals and stones outside or on a window sill to cleanse and recharge.
I came home from work today and  went straight out again.Treated myself in town ,we had Pizza and I was not in any mood to work on the computer.Instead I started the next Dreamcatcher.Had more dreams last night as well ,but to write about those as would be too much now.Let' just say things make perfect sense,lol.I gp into more of that tomorrow. For now I have the previw of the next finished kit and I treated myself to a new top-the big fashion hit over here in the moment. Baseball,College look and all this is in over here.Not that I follow fashion but this looked just too comfy and perfect to wear with jeans. Comfort is everthing,lol-you won't get me in high heels or stuff like that unless it's a special occasion. Leggings,jeans,hoodies ,comfortable gear is my thing. For now enough,I just got a message from Deb,till tomorrow.
Hugs Snowy

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