Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Blessed Imbolc everybody !

Well , today is the Day !Imbolc, the first of the Spring Sabbaths this year. I know a lot of you won't see anything of Spring yet, depending where you live in the world , but here we actually had some milder days already.I know that Ricky is stuck in 5 feet snow drifts, Tina had a an Ice Storm in Indiana, Crystal had blizzard warnings where she lives and couldn't go out.
For us here it's a mellow day, I guess we can be grateful for the mild weather here , even though I would really have liked some more snow. - I'm cooking us a nice Imbolc dinner and plus a sweet treat for afters for today.
I found this ritual and poem which I just had to scrap for today
So hopefully the days will be getting longer soon again and the warmer weather returns and the sun will come out more.
I know a lot of people get affected by the grey and cold weather.Those with Arthritis or Rheumatism suffer, and I think all of us have days where we feel depressed due to lack of light and warmth. Personally , I try to get out as much as possible. It has always served me well , I rarely get ill and the light and fresh air always give me a boost, even if it's raining. Another way for me is to let out my " wild side" - which is more than one method to get into a good mood again,depending on the circumstances. The usual thing is to turn my stereo up loud , sing and dance along while doing my work. Music is important for me and has a big influence on my moods. The upbeat stuff , club music and the usual chart songs , get me going with energy, if I want to wind down I put on some classical, Enya or other spiritual/meditation music.
And... oh mama, this is just hot ! We had an unusual Breakfast show on Tv over here last week -Gino , the cook promised to cook naked if the show won an award - well they did !And he kept his promise - this is just hilarious ... but yummie .... please ...I want a naked chef as well . I promise to keep the burns cream handy and rub it in all the right places as well ,lol.

In design I have almost finished the kit for March , some more elements and it's done.But no rush, I have lots of time! Next thing is to make a slideshow of the February parts -let's see if I have all the previews in the Photobucket folder. We are all so busy that those little things often get forgotten.
It's not even 9.00 am , but it's promising to be a nice day .The sun has just come up over the rooftops of the houses opposite ours. I think I will get ready and go for a walk around midday time when it's the warmest time of day. Blessed Imbolc to you all and stay safe if you're having some nasty weather where you are -Hugs Snowy

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