Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mini ritual for cutting negativ ties

For decluttering your head of emotional negativity and sweeping away old thought patterns that keep you stuck in a rut.
I posted this in the Wiccan Connection, but thought I share it here as well for those not on Facebook and as the group is private and can only be accessed by invitation of the other members. So if one of you is interested let me know your FB page and I can add you to the Wiccan Connection.We currently have 73 members and all get on very well learning together and helping each other.
Here it is: 
First light a green candle , take an oil burner and pour in some cleansing oil, such as citrus oils, juniper or cedar. Next write down all the old believes and ways of thinking which hold you back, and then all the negative moaning, critical people in your life.Do you really need to deal with them and their believes? Be honest with yourself.
Now take your list and burn it safely, then write another list with all the fresh , new and positive things and people you want in your life.Keep it safe and tick off goals as you go along. Very easy , even for those just starting on this path.
Then smudge yourself to clear off negative energy. Holding the smudge stick in one hand, a feather in the other the other , waft the smoke towards your heart,then over your head, down towards your body, picturing negative thoughts , emotions and energy being lifted away. As you work the smoke down your body visualize all the negativity being taken into the earth. Finally give thanks to the earth.
My usual post with creative results will be later again-hugs and blessings from here )O(

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