Thursday, February 24, 2011

Knackered,tired and aching....

...but in a good way,lol. A combination of fast walking/jogging in Linear Park, after that shopping and dragging the stuff up to the 3rd floor has done me in today.Then more housework and cooking.I was so tired I went for a nap after dinner and slept almost three hours. But hey,I feel good! Shaun is feeling a lot better today and coming to terms with the death of his best mate,-we talked for a long time last night. I was a little pissed off in town this afternoon.Turns out they don't do that brand of the pure Mineral powder anymore in any of the shops. I was told they stopped producing it to bring out a new range....which isn't mineral. Damn! The reason I loved it was the fact that it was completely natural. I don't use much make up and this was so nice and light,looking very natural.So I had to go for another brand now....let's see how that will be.
I  worked for 2 hours on the PC, renamed files, sorted elements an backgrounds into folders,ready to be zipped up. And made a few quickpages ,which I then made into layouts. One is made with Midnight Magick-prayer to Hecate, the other is made with Dreamscape and a quote I found. I also got myself a little trinket box for my altar today, but I will show that next post,it's Ostara themed with rabbits on,but nothing in a cute way-it really is a Wiccan box...but you'll see. Till next time. (ps.excuse typos in the moment,no spell check on this phone ap)

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